ROLE: Lead vocals / Backing Vocals / Choirs
MEMBER SINCE: September, 2008 (founder)
INFLUENCES: Iron Maiden / Judas Priests / Helloween / Blind Guardian / Black Sabbath and more!
PAST BANDS: Operabardica / Moonshine / Fire Makers

ROLE: Keyboards / Backing Vocals / Choirs
MEMBER SINCE: September, 2006 (founder)
INFLUENCES: Blind Guardian / Iced Earth / Nightwish
PAST BANDS: Operabardica

ROLE: Lead guitars / Rhytm guitars
MEMBER SINCE: December, 2016
INFLUENCES: Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore; Joe Satriani, Dave Murray, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Allan Holdsworth, Niccolò Paganini, Johan Sebastian Bach
PAST BANDS: Hateful / Paul Di Anno / Children of the damned / Blackwings

ROLE: Bass guitars
MEMBER SINCE: December, 2016
INFLUENCES: John Myung, Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, Thomas Miller, Rex Brown e Cliff Burton
PAST BANDS:Astral Conspiracy

ROLE: Drums
MEMBER SINCE: December, 2016
INFLUENCES: Blind Guardian / Gamma Ray / Helloween / Kamelot / Symphony X / Anthrax / Testament / Alice Cooper / Ozzy Osbourne / Savatage
PAST BANDS: Death Riders / Hyper / Vulture / Gotha / Bloodline / The Swine / Astral Conspiracy
Symphonic power metal band born on September,2009 by Ivanhoe and Gwarner in Bologna made by a mixing of past experiences from both and more actual stylistic concept; the band influences range from classic heavy metal – Iron Maiden, Judas Priests, Helloween – to power and melodic styles – Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Therion – Nightwish. Through a bit of lineup changes and three publications – “A journey to Avalon” (demo, 2012) “War for the iron crown (ep, 2015) ” Legendaria” (lp, 2016) – Imago imperii are now focused on “Legendaria” live tour booking and new album songwtiting.